About My Miserable Migraine

Migraines make us miserable. They rob us of our time, health and even sanity. This website is devoted to information, useful products and a support forum on migraines. I’d love to hear your success stories, or even if you’d like to just like to vent.

My migraine story:

I started getting headaches in my teens. They felt like pressure on my face and I often called them sinus headaches. When I would get them, I would take a variety of over the counter medicines for sinus and usually go to bed. The medicine usually didn’t help. In my 20s I mentioned to the nurse at my college that I had chronic sinus headaches. She asked me if I had ever seen an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, which I hadn’t and said I needed to see one. I saw one and he ordered allergy tests.

As strange as it sounds, I was excited to get the results, finally maybe I could find a solution to these headaches. When the doctor shared with me that I was allergic to nothing, I started crying. He ordered me a head CT. When those results came back, the doctor said I might have a lesion on my pineal gland. I remember his words exactly “you need to make an appointment with a neurologist and get an MRI, we’re done here” and he walked out of the room.

I called my sister, who is a nurse, and told her about it, and mentioned that I was headed out to the movies. She suggested I find a neurologist first, “naw I’ll deal with that later” I said. Half way through the movie I realized I had three missed calls and a message from my sister on my phone. I went into the lobby and called her back, expecting some terrible family news. It turns out, I was that terrible news. My sister had gotten online and found me several numbers for doctors and urged me to call and make the appointment now, which I did in the lobby of the movie theater.

I had an MRI and had to wait several weeks for an appointment to get the results. By this point everyone in the family was on high alert. My mom has Multiple Sclerosis, with numerous lesions on her brain, so she was extremely worried I had it too. She came to my appointment with me, which was several hours away from where she lived. The doctor ended up having two pieces of good news. First, there was no lesion. He said CT scans are not the best and MRIs show a lot more information. Second, when I asked him what is causing the headaches he asked me a series of questions. When you get the headache what do you do? I said I take over-the-counter medicine and usually go to bed. He said do loud noises bother you? I said, no I don’t think so, I usually have to have the TV on in the background. He asked, “are you up and moving around, can you have music blaring, are you able to go outside and do yardwork?” “Absolutely not,” I replied.

He said, “you have migraines” and wrote me a prescription for a triptan. It was a relieve to finally know what was going on. The first time I used a triptan for a migraine, it was like a miracle had occurred. The pain was gone, not dulled, but totally gone. My migraine journey doesn’t end there. I experimented with several drugs to prevent migraines including Topamax. I’ve also worked on finding out what food triggers my migraines (red wine for sure).

I feel I have too many migraines. In 2017 I had 108 migraines, that averages to 9 a month. I missed a number of days of work. Sometimes the medicine works great and sometimes I have to go to bed and sleep it off. Ultimately, I’ve come to a place of peace about them. I have a chronic illness, there are some things I can do to prevent them, but ultimately, they are not my fault.

What is your migraine story? How long have you had them? What do you use to treat them? What suggestions do you have for someone who is newly diagnosed? Email your story to migrainesaretheworst (AT) gmail (DOT) com


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