Radio shows and podcasts about migraines

My day job is radio producer. I love the work I do, producing for radio is one of the best jobs on the planet. Also my boss is very supportive about the time that I miss because of migraines. As long as the work gets done. He even let me produce and host a whole show about migraines!

Native America Calling:

Tuesday, December 4, 2018- More than a headache

Throbbing pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound. Those are some of the symptoms of migraines listed by the Mayo Clinic. Those who suffer migraines know they can be debilitating and last for several hours. The National Center for Health Statistics says one out of every seven people in the United States experience migraines at least once a year. Native Americans have the highest prevalence of migraines of any other ethnic group according to the American Headache Society. We’ll talk with experts about what’s known about migraines and the best ways to manage them.


Dr. Joanna Katzman – executive medical director of UNMH Pain Management Service

Dr. Emily Haozous (Chiricahua Fort Sill Apache) – living with migraines for 25 years and a research scientist with the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation

It got me thinking about migraines and radio shows or podcasts. So I did a quick search of Apple Podcasts and found these shows/episodes. I haven’t listened to any of these podcasts yet, when I do I’ll be back with my impression.

The Migraine Miracle Moment

Host Dr. Josh Turknett. Great tag line ” A show dedicated to slaying the beast, once and for all.” The podcast is still going, it has been active since 2017 with a good number of podcasts to listen to. Topics, gluten and migraines, inspirational stories, sugar, finances, keto diets. It looks like he is anti medication, and promoting a holistic approach to migraine management.

Spotlight on Migraine

This podcast is put out by the Association of Migraine Disorders and is sponsored in part by a few pharmaceutical companies. Topics include cannabis for treating migraines, essential oils, breaking down the new CGRP drugs, and cluster headaches. They range in times from 10-30 minutes.

The Migraine Guy Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Kevin, who calls himself “The Migraine Guy.” He has chronic migraines, sometimes 14 a month! I’m putting this podcast on the top of my list to listen to for two reasons. First, I only know women with migraines, so I’m super interested to hear a male perspective on them. And second, he has topics I’m really interested in like : avoiding health scams and self care.

The Headache 360 Migraine Podcast

This is a relatively new podcast, only 10 episodes. It is hosted by Dr. Adam Lowenstein who is a “migraine surgeon.” I’ll have to learn more about this, I can’t imagine a surgery that cures migraines.

Heads Up

This podcast is put out by the National Migraine Centre in the UK. It is also brand new, with less than five episodes. In the program description they mention that migraines are a “largely misunderstood condition.” Preach!

That’s pretty much it for podcasts devoted entirely to migraines. Funny side note, as I’m sitting here in a cafe writing this, a strong burning smell appeared. For me that can be one of the signs that I’m getting a migraine, but as it turns out it was just a burrito burning in the toaster!

And as usual, let’s end on a happy note. Maybe you’re just coming off a terrible migraine and finally getting moving. It’s ok! You are a rockstar!

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