Caffeine and migraines, please don’t let this be true

In ‘please say it ain’t so’ news the American Journal of Medicine published a study claiming more than three caffeinated beverages a day may trigger migraines.

Image result for caffeine meme
Can you hear Jolene?

My initial thoughts are panic. I have about four or five caffeinated drinks a day. I wake up tired, and get tired throughout the day, I have trained myself to believe that caffeine helps.

But before you throw out all your coffee, tea and Red Bull, let’s take a closer look at the study. The published title is “Prospective Cohort Study of Caffeinated Beverage Intake as a Potential Trigger of Headaches among Migraineurs” What it means is that 98 people, (86 women and 12 men) kept electronic diaries of their migraines and caffeine intake for 6 weeks. Here’s some questions you should ask yourself when any study makes the news. (courtesy of Medline Plus)

  • Was the study in animals or people?
  • Does the study include people like you?
  • How big was the study?
  • Was it a randomized controlled clinical trial?
  • Where was the research done?
  • If a new treatment was being tested, were there side effects?
  • Who paid for the research?
  • Who is reporting the results?

I don’t know all the answers to these questions, but the one’s that stick out for me was about how big the study is. 98 people isn’t enough for me to write home about. If the study was of 1000 people with migraines over 2 years, I would pay attention and maybe make some changes. But that’s just me, you need to decide what is right for you and your migraines.

That reminds me! I thought of the best idea this week. I’d just finished eating some mashed potatoes for lunch and I mentioned to my co-worker that I needed to get some tea, because the potatoes make me sleepy. And then flash!

Caffeinated Mashed Potatoes!

Boil the potatoes in tea? Add caffeine powder? Someone please invent it.

In any event, I hope you’re having a good week and your migraines aren’t too terrible. As always lets end on a happy note! Today it’s a baby otter!

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