My mom has migraines


(Photo by Andi Murphy)

Hello! My name is Doug. Before I lived with my mom, I lived with a family and before that I lived with a bunch of other dogs in cages. I like living with my mom. She gives me lots of treats and walks me a lot!

I like to help her out with things. For example I could see she needed some help finishing a jar of peanut butter.


I totally took care of it!

I also saw that she needed help getting her radio off the counter.


Took care of that!

And  I just knew she wanted me to make my collar two pieces, so I went ahead and did it!


She says I’m very helpful.

I also know that my mom has something called migraines. I’m not sure what they are, but I do know there are some days when I’m ready to walk, and she just stays in bed. I’ve tried everything to help her get ready. One day it was so late, I just stood by her bed and barked. She did not like that.

That’s the day I learned the word quiet. Another day I jumped on her bed and gave her a high five on her face. I’m pretty sure that didn’t help her migraine either cause she said “that doesn’t help my migraine.”

It makes me sad when she has a migraine. Mostly because I don’t get what I want right away, but also because she seems sad, and since she’s my momma, that makes me sad too.


But my mom always says “just because migraines make us miserable, doesn’t mean we have to have a miserable life.” I think I have a pretty good life. Look at my glamor shots!

If you live in New Mexico and want your glamor shot taken, get your human to contact Andi Murphy Photography!
Doug likes carrots!


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