Travel and migraines

I’ve been traveling a lot recently. And a I’ve had a bunch of migraines.

First a rant. Airlines make flying miserable. The order of loading people up on the plane seems so ridiculous. From group numbers to bejeweled diamond dazzle classes of passengers, none of it makes sense to me. Why not put everyone in back to front?

Wired: Airlines Won’t Dare Use the Fastest Way to Board Planes

Anyway, this problem isn’t getting solved anytime soon. In the meantime, here are some tips for avoiding migraines while traveling.

  • Try to avoid your triggers (“I’m on vacation, I’ll just have this wine!” )
  • Try to get the right amount of sleep (this one is tough for me, I don’t sleep well anywhere!)
  • Bring your meds!
  • Drink enough water (I kind of hate this advice, because people think it is a cure all for migraines, but it is important)

The truth is, if you have chronic migraines, you’re probably gonna get one while traveling. My advice is treat it, and try to do as much as you can.

And as always, lets end on a good note!


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