To take the meds or not?

You get the signs. You say “oh I’m just tired, this isn’t excessive yawning.” “that stabbing pain wasn’t real” or my favorite “maybe there really is burnt toast around”

So the choice is, do you wait until its a full blown migraine? Or take it now, head it off? What do you do? I’m genuinely interested. Post your comments below.

For me, it often has a lot to do with how much medication I have, if I have insurance, or I’m paying full price for the meds. Also if I have something important to do, I usually take the meds right away.

The Mayo Clinic, (which is my current favorite go to advice page because of this) says take it at the first sign of a migraine.

And of course if you are like me, and have 9-15 migraines a month, you end up on this hamster wheel of pain, medicine, and more pain.

This is an interesting article about bounce back headaches and taking too much medication.

Migraine Trust: Medication-overuse headache

scary takeaway:

“It is a vicious cycle and even if the medication is stopped, withdrawal symptoms are commonly reported including chronic headache. The need to alleviate these withdrawal symptoms perpetuates further use of painkilling drugs and can result in a cycle of medication overuse.”

But remember this, migraines make us feel miserable, but we aren’t.

Let’s end on a good note with some otters!

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